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Custom Bikes

Are you the type of person that dreams about owning a unique bike like no one else’s? Then visit us and let us help you create your very own custom bike with Project One, Trek’s custom bike program. You select the model, fit, graphics, color, styling and components you desire and Trek will build your dream bike. Our Project One Center will help you create your unique bike with color samples, design schemes, components, geometry and sizing. Trek will build your custom bike by hand, one at a time, with the love and care only the most experienced bike builders can offer. When your custom bike arrives, the reality will surpass the dream.  

At Rochester Cycling we know what it means to own a bike that reflects your personality and style. The qualities that make each of us unique can be expressed in a custom built Waterford bicycle. Waterford gives you the freedom to choose your frame type, your perfect fit geometry and your style. We have many years of experience with Waterford and have all the skills needed to order, spec and assemble a custom bike best matched to who you are. Let us show you how your personality can shine through on a shiny new custom Waterford bicycle!

As a custom bicycle framebuilder, Waterford crafts each frame to meet the needs of the individual rider. We can help guide you through the process of creating your bike using the four F’s:

  • Function – how the bike will function for you and what components you would like to use
  • Fit – how the bike accommodates your physical dimensions and preferences. We take measurements and work with you to determine your optimal fit with the new frame. 
  • Feel – how the bike will interact with the terrain. We help you fine tune your ride and help you determine how you want your bike to handle and how stiff you want your new bike to feel.
  • Finish – how you want your bike to look. Choose from hundreds of color options and several decal colors and styles. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of special finishes and special effects.

Waterford accomplishes these goals with four different frame technologies:

  • 33-Series Race-Ready:  As the name implies, Race Ready frames are the ultimate race machine and perform extremely well in competition, thanks to True Temper’s S3 technology, which Waterford customizes to meet your individual needs.
  • 22-Series Artisan:  Waterford’s lug brazing sets the world standard for craftsmanship and performance. Choose from stock Italian-cut lugs or let them craft custom-cut lugs specially for you. Waterford can build virtually any frame geometry in a lug design and their custom profiles ensure bikes of rare beauty and long life.
  • 22-Series Artisan Stainless:  Waterford offers the widest range of design flexibility thanks to their mix of custom and standard stainless steel tubes delivering high performance to a highly corrosion-resistant design.
  • 14-Series Vision:  Fabricated from Waterford’s OS2 tube technology, the 14-Series offers impressive performance, combining light weight with tremendous strength.

Waterford's impecable craftsmanship and flawless finish will amaze you every time you ride. Take advantage of Rochester Cycling's experience and we'll help you find the amazing, rideable work of art you've always imagined!

We ride Gunnar!

Our store has been a long time fan of Gunnar Cycles. We really enjoy the process of helping select a Gunnar to fit the needs of our customers. We can assemble custom bikes using Gunnar frames and components of your choosing. Gunnar Cycles produces many types of frames while offering a wide variety of sizes and styles. We have built many custom Gunnar bikes including cyclocross, road, sport and travel. Travel "Roadies" are our favorite Gunnar bike. Gunnar travel bike frames are built using a special stainless steel coupling system which allows the frame to be separated into two parts. The entire bike can then be packed in a standard hard-sided case for airline travel and checked as regular luggage with no extra bike fee. These travel bikes ride just like their standard versions and with no loss of performance. Ask us how Gunnar travel bikes have changed where and how we ride!


Gunnar Cycles relies on heat treated air-hardening steels for every Gunnar – mainly True Temper OX Platinum. “Air-hardening” refers to how after TIG welding the steel becomes super-heat treated and avoids brittleness in the weld zone. The diameter and wall thickness of each tube is selected to provide the right balance of strength, light weight, durability and performance. 


It’s not just a great tubeset that makes a Gunnar. Every Gunnar is hand-built at Waterford Precision Cycles in Waterford, Wisconsin. Precision fixturing, aligning tools and fabrication protocols ensure your Gunnar is straight and true.

Innovation – and Common Sense

For Gunnar Cycles, innovation means helping you develop new ways to enjoy cycling by continuing to add models and improvements that move forward the practice of cycling in its many forms. Gunnar provides common sense design – avoiding gimics and focusing on giving you exactly what you want.


There’s something about a hand-made steel bike. It has soul. It speaks to you. It begs to be ridden. Like a faithful canine pal, your Gunnar will be a friend for life, and it’ll always be ready to go out and play.  Let us help you find that perfect companion!