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Bicycles on Sale!

Save Big with these City, Mountain and Electric Bikes
Stop by for in store special pricing on E-Bikes!

Electric Bikes

These bikes are equipped with an electric motor that activates when you pedal. Ride a bike for the first time all over again!

Urban/City Bikes

These bikes are designed specifically for getting through the bustle and flow of the city with ease! Find your perfect commuter!

Mountain Bikes

Leave it all behind on a mountain bike! From XC bullets to tough-as-nails enduro and downhill rigs, find a mountain bike perfect for you!

Bicycle Service & Repair

Riding bikes takes a toll on them, and every bike deserves some maintenance and repair. Our shop is a full service repair station for your bikes, and we guarantee that when you get your bike back from us it will be running better than ever! See our list of comprehensive service packages and à la carte repairs and give us a call when you have any questions!